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Struggling to Breathe?

Breathing holding you back in sport?

Looking for a calmer mind?

Progressive Respiratory Training will help

Progressive Respiratory Training is a structured plan of breathing exercises. 


You will progress through the levels and achievements to a level appropriate for you and your goals.

Level 1 Sessions

Everyone starts here which includes an intro and breathing test to find which Level you should work at

For those with chronic breathing problems such as Asthma, long covid, congestion and other breathing related illnesses, this level will be where you stay for a while.

These are gentle sessions designed to kick off your breathing journey.

Level 2 Sessions

At this level you will be on your way to good breathing health. You will go from severe breathing related symptoms to normal breathing function.

By the time you are ready to move form Level 2 you will have gained huge health improvements.

Level 3 Sessions

In these sessions you will go from normal breathing and work towards optimising your breathing for an active lifestyle.

Exercise will become easier, recovery will become faster and you will enjoy and active lifestyle that is not limited by breathing and fitness.

Level 4 Sessions

At this point you will move from enjoying exercise and an active lifestyle to the 'Top Gun' of breathing. As you progress through this stage of the plan you will take your breathing to a truly high level.

This is ideal for athletes looking to crush their goals, get the edge on their rivals and win.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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