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Bikers Going Downhill

Breathing for Cycling Performance

A course on using scientifically backed breathing exercises to enhance cycling performance


Presented by Andy Lewis,
Founder of Highland Breathwork & certified Oxygen Advantage instructor

Andy has walked the path from overweight and chronically Asthmatic to a fit, healthy breathwork instructor. Andy's passion for breathing is matched by his passion for mountain biking.

What results can I expect?

Increased cycling performance

Ride faster for longer and keep up with the pack. No more falling behind or burying yourself trying to stay with a group.

Increased power for a given Heart Rate

Use breathing to increase the energy released from the fuel you take in. Use optimal breathing to make sure you stay in an aerobic work state to maximise output.

Increased results from existing training plans

Add breathing exercises to your existing training plan. Use breathing to let you train harder, for longer and recover better.

Increased focus, flow and finding the 'zone'

Control your Vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system to enter flow state before competition, rides and daily life.

Decreased breathlessness

Stop gassing out and your lungs giving up before your legs. Use breathing exercises to reduce your breathing rate.

Decreased Asthma symptoms

Use optimal breathing to prevent Asthma symptoms at rest and during exercise.

Cycling in Nature

What is the course about?

Breathing exercises can be used to improve cycling performance and enjoyment.

By combining elements of biochemistry, biomechanics and breathing cadence, breathing efficiency is improved at rest and during sport. The course is based on the Oxygen Advantage system, and delivered by a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.  You will learn how to combine breath training into your current program for maximum on-bike results. 


This is a course that combines enough theory to understand the reasoning behind each exercise and lots of practical work. 

What is included?

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