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Introduction to Respiratory Training

Straightforward, scientifically backed breathing exercises to improve health, calm the mind and make physical activity enjoyable.

What results can I expect?

Reduce symptoms from common health issues




Digestive problems

Post-Covid symptoms

Poor sleep


Reduce stress and gain focus

Feelings of stress or relaxation are governed by your Autonomic Nervous system.


Learn how to control the balance of this system to feel calmer and more focused.

Less struggle during physical activity

Train your respiratory system to be more efficient so physical activity feels easier and allows you to enjoy exercise again.

Learn how advanced techniques can build sport performance.

Who's this for?

While Respiratory Training can help anyone, this course is designed specifically for people who are:

Struggling with breathlessness at rest of during exercise

Suffering hypoxia related symptoms including post-covid

Dealing with fatigue, brain fog and lethargy

looking for a calmer mind and more focus


How does it work?

Good breathing is a fundamental aspect of health.

By combining elements of biochemistry, biomechanics and breathing cadence, your breathing is improved at rest and during activity. The course is based on the Oxygen Advantage system, and delivered by a certified Advanced Oxygen Advantage Instructor.  You will learn how to add Respiratory Training into your lifestyle in a practical way.


This is a course that combines enough theory to understand the reasoning behind each exercise and lots of practical work. 

Who's the instructor?


Presented by Andy Lewis,
Founder of Highland Breathwork & certified Oxygen Advantage instructor

Andy has walked the path from overweight and chronically Asthmatic to a fit, healthy Respiratory Training instructor. Andy's passion for breathing is matched by his passion for mountain biking.

What's included?

Book your spot!

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